KTM presents a Twizy killer on three wheels the E3W

KTM; originally a manufacturer of enduro and cross motorcycles, recently expended its activites to the automotive industry with the X-Bow, but also in electric powertrains with the KTM FreeRide for which we just announced the official release date for 2012; presented last week in world premiere its first electric car on three wheels that opens up new opportunities for the Austrian brand.


The E3W for "Electric 3 Wheeler" is the result of two years of research of KTM PowerSports, Kiska (Industrial Design) and the Austrian Institute of Technology, the project has also been partly financially supported by the government.

This urban vehicle is a direct competitor of the Twizy, it weighs about 500kg, and has an estimated range of 100km.
The engine produces 15kW, about 20hp, KTM’s objective is to achieve a price between € 5000 and € 8000.

KTM_Twizy_killer_E3W (2).jpg

On the practical side of KTM E3W has two seats, and in terms of design in addition to cool look of the car, we like its real doors with Lamborghini style opening!

KTM hopes to sign a strategic partnership to launch production in 2013 and plans to produce about 50,000 units over two years.

Via Oe24 // Article by H. Le Flanchec
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