(VIDEO) The Solar Impulse is back in Switzerland

After recharging its batteries in the sun Friday morning, the Solar Impulse HB-SIA has left the Bourget this morning where he has been one of the stars of the Paris Air Show.

It took off at 7:11am and landed at 7:42pm in Payerne, a 12h31 flight over a 426km distance at an average speed of 40kph.


André Borschberg, official pilot of the plane was in charge of bringing the Solar Impulse back home after crossing three countries since its departure on May 13th.

As a reminder he HB-SIA had left Payerne for its first night flight to Brussels, a perfect and fast flight (630 km in 12 hours and 59 minutes) that happened smoothly, unlike the one that took him from Brussels to Le Bourget on June 15th, one of the longest flights for the HB-SIA (16 hours and 5 minutes for 300 km..)

Via Solar Impulse

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