Parlee Cycles creates a carbon bike inspired by the Toyota Prius

As part of the projects to insert the Prius effeciciency in our daily lives, here is the Prisu project number 011, Toyota has used one of the fastest growing name in cycling, the US brand Parlee Cycles based in Boston in order to to develop a concept bike but more importantly, a functional bike using cutting-edge technologies, that manages to remain “a sexy road bike".


As a result, the bike called PXP combines the aggressive look of a time attack bike with the ease of use of a regular road bike. Carbon fiber and other composite materials were used throughout the bike in order to minimize its weight and features unique innovations.


Last week the concept has gone through wind tunnel testing but is still far from being finished as Parlee will soon reveal specifically developed wheels and is also working on integrating high-tech components designed by DeepLocal that could allow to change gear just with the drivers mind through neurotransmitters integrated in the helmet!

Here is the build process of the Parlee Cycles bikes
Via Prius projects // Article by H. Le Flanchec

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