(VIDEO) BMW’s electric scooter revealed, the E-Scooter

During the innovation days BMW has just revealed a first, a development study with an electric motor for a fast and pragmatic maxi scooter.


The prototype of E-Scooter is targeting a range over 100km and performances comparable to a 600cc, it recharges quickly from a house hold in three hours.

BMW_E-Scooter (10).jpg

Instead of a conventional scooter chassis the battery casing is used a basis for vehicle, are attached to it the front fork and rear swing arm.

BMW_E-Scooter (10).jpg

The engine is placed behind the battery

Finally it features an energy recovery system working via the transmission and increases the autonomy of 10 to 20% depending on the driver?

Although it is currently hidden it quite looks like the Concept C introduced last year at the EICMA Milan
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