F1 in 2014 forget the 4 cylinder it will be a V6

The FIA and the engine manufacturers met last Wednesday to decide the type of engine that will be used in F1 the coming years.

The result is the adoption of a turbocharged V6 instead of the current V8 and the 4cylinder announced on June 3 (see June 6th article) but the engine capacity remains the same 1600cc.

In addition, the date of the modification is withdrawn by a year and will apply from 2014 only, following the request of the four engine manufacturers,  to allow more testing and increase the reliability and efficiency of the V6.

The decision of June 3rd also imposed a limitation at 12,000 rpms, this limit is now moved up to 15,000 rpms in order to stay close to the specs of the actual F1. The FIA has confirmed the use of energy recovery systmes ERS, as well as a limit in fuel flow at the injectors, requiring specific work from the engineers to maximize power while limiting the fuel consumption.

Combustion engine specifications: 
1600cc, V6
15000 rpm max
Direct fuel injection up to 500bar
Single turbocharger
Controlled fuel flow
Energy recovery and storage systems specifications:
Kinetic, 120kW on the rear wheels
Exhaust energy recovery linked to the turbocharger

Via FIA // Article by H. Le Flanchec

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