SoloTrek’s inventors are working on an hybrid flying car concept

Ok it is always beautiful on paper but we decided to present this project as the men behind it know what they are talking about…

The two of them both engineers, inventors, designers and pilot. Michael Moshier, and Robert Bulag we have decided to develop a fuel-electric hybrid flying car.


After designing the SoloTrek together, a project that saw the first unipersonnal helicopter equipped with “ducted-fan” technology take off; project funded by a $ 5 million grant of the DARPA (US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with the collaboration of NASA; using new materials, they plan to develop a “multi-passenger” hybrid flying car. 

The vehicle that Michael and Robert’s team wants to develop could be used for example in emergency transport, police control, rescue, but also in “third-world” countries where road infrastructure is not or under developed 

As for details on its engine we just know it would be a combination of fuel and electric propulsion but no additional information has been revealed.

Here is the SoloTrek in flytest
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