(VIDEO) Mission Motors: new record for an electric motorcycle at Laguna Seca

The Mission R from Mission Motors that we presented last December made its first official test this weekend at Laguna Seca during the Refuel Race where the race track  is open to electric vehicles.

With 1: 43.7, Steve Rapp, takes the track record for an electric bike!

Mission_Motors_Laguna_2011 (2).jpg

This time is significant and promising for two reasons:

-It allows to compare with  previous record held by a competitor: the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc with 1:44.4
-The first stage of the TTXGP North America takes place on the same track in less than a month, on July 24th, and will see the two bikes competing with also the highly anticipated Brammo Empulse RR and that promises great battles.

Mission_Motors_Laguna_2011 (2).jpg

Note that MotoCzysz may smash the record with the 2011 version of the E1pc who won the TT Zero (0 emission IOMTT) and a motorcycle that has proven to be far more efficient than the 2010 version, lets see what happens then!

Via Mission Motors

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