Gordon Murray T27 the most efficient electric car?

After the T25 and more recently the hydrogen Batmobile, Gordon Murray has revealed today the T27, culmination of 17 months of development, at the Royal Automobile Club (RAC).


Based on the same design as the T25, it accommodates three passengers and an electric drivetrain designed by Zytek Automotive: 25kW (34hp) and 63Nm of torque.

2.5 m long and weighing only 680kg, the 12kWh Lithium Ion battery pack allows a range of 160km, the  to 100kph is reached in less than 15 seconds and its top speed stands at 105kph. Recharging at 80% takes 4.5 h

Gordon_Murray_T27 (2).jpgGordon_Murray_T27 (2).jpg

More than a concept, this car could be on the road within two years at a cost between £14,000 and £15,000 (without government grants). 

G. Murray is interested in selling vehicles (originally built as technology demonstrators) but especially in its manufacturing process and monocoque composite structure derived from F1 and called iStream, for which he said to have three potential “customers”...

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