VW tests a fleet of 20 Golf Variant Twin Drive in Berlin (plug-in hybrid)

VW has just put a fleet of 20 test TWINDRIVE Golf Variant in a project on electric mobility started with the German Ministry of the Environment, with six partners, universities and research center that will help on the development and optimization of the vehicle.


It is a plug-in hybrid technology with the range extender. Eight other Golf Variant with conventional engines will also be used to serve as a reference point for comparisons on emissions and consumption.

The Golf Variant TWINDRIVE:

It has an electric motor developing 115hp and 600Nm of torque, fed by a 13.2 kWh battery offering a range of 57km, when the battery is depleted, a 1.4 TSI engine that serves as a generator takes over to provide up to 900km of autonomy.


If the battery is charged the two motors can work together to provide up to 163hp.

The Golf Variant TWINDRIVE is expected to reach a combined consumption of 2.1 l/100km and emissions of 49g/km. Its maximum speed is 170kph (120kph in electric mode), the 0 to 100kph takes 12 seconds.

For VW this solution is particularly interesting because, with this type of drivetrain, you can ride with 0 emissions on short trips and have considerable autonomy for longer trips.

Martin Winterkorn comments on this: "Over the mid-term, the plug-in hybrid offers great potential here, because it unites the best of 2 worlds in one vehicle." 


VW wants to launch a wide range of plug-in hybrid in 2013/2014 and has already presented its technology TWINDRIVE twice, at the Geneva Motor Show in the concept Tex TwinDrive and in a fleet of Seat Leon TwinDrive in Spain.

As for the electric Golf Blue-e-motion the first fleets have been launched last month and the vehicle should be officially on the market by 2013.

Via VW
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