(VIDEO) Electric Bus : Proterra receives $ 30 million

Proterra is a manufacturer of electric buses in the United States, located in Greenville, they are the only ones we know apart from Opbrid to offer a fast charge technology that uses pantograph like technology. 

The company has recently (mid June) received support from investors (including GM) with $ 30 million 

Their expertise is embodied in several technological advances : 

-Energy storage system called TerraVolt that can receive and store large amounts of energy in minutes. 
-ProDrive engine based on an electric motor of 100kW (136hp) continuous, 150kW (204HP) in peak with 650Nm of torque and fitted to a very efficient three-speed transmission eGearDrive designed by Borg Warner. 
-Bus: EcoRide BE35, 10 meters long with a composite structure, it is already used daily since last year in California. It reaches the emissions standards, set by the Federal Agency of Transportation for 2030 today! 
-Proprietary FastFill system that allows recharging automatically in less than 10 minutes. 


Proterra ensures it can replace 100% of the needs covered by existing diesel buses while allowing savings on operating costs. 

Thanks to this investment, Proterra will be able to continue its tests, produce new fleets and increase its production capacity to reach a volume of 400 buses per year. 
The design of the bus EcoRide BE35 allows hosts an auxiliary power unit APU (generator) that can be powered by hydrogen, diesel, gasoline, propane... turning the electric bus into an hybrid with range extender for roads and places where the infrastructure is not ready. 

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