(VIDEO) Frauscher presents its hybrid boat at Venice Biennale

Frauscher is an Austrian brand that builds boats with a particular focus on detail and the environment with a wide range of hybrid and electric boats.

On the occasion of the Venice Biennale, Frauscher offers us images of the 686 Lido Hybrid in a sumptuous setting ...

Presented as a high-end tender, 686cm long and 225cm wide, its hybrid diesel engine develops 250hp, the 686 Lido is available from € 129,970, a pure electric version (Lido 680) is also available at € 83,894.

Since its introduction in the database last year, Frauscher’s range of green boats has grown and will be updated within a week, awaiting for it we can still check our selection here.

For more details Frauscherboats.com

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