(VIDEO) 2011 Paris Air Show: new speed record for the Cri-Cri MC15E, 283 kph

After its first public display and performances last year, and a first speed record, the Cri-Cri MC15E flew by Hugues Duval achieved a new record this weekend.

With 5 meters wingspan and weight of 90kg, this small aerobatic aircraft receives two 35hp Electravia electric motors, two E-Props propeller, and Kokam batteries placed on the front and rear, with a maximum capacity 3kWh for a weight of 25kg.


The Cri-Cri MC15E or Cri-Cri E-Cristaline has been performing flight demonstration every day at Le Bourget, for your information, the same aircraft in a petrol version flies only at 220kph maximum!

With a peak at 283 kph and only 75% of the available power used, Hugues Duval broke his previous record set at 260kph, the MC15E has a 25 minutes range at 110kph.

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