MyCopter, Europe's personal aircraft project

Designed as a solution to meet the challenges of urban traffic, introducing a collaborative project led by European universities and institutes of technology (Liverpool, Lausanne, Zurich, Karlsruhe ...) this €4.3 million project over 4 years envisions the creation of personal flying vehicles, partly or wholly autonomous.

The SkyRider project should not, unfortunately, lead to a prototype outside the visual presented below it will be decomposed in three areas to further investigate in the fields of automation, man/machine interaction (including training phase) and finally make some researches on the socio-technological questions they raise, what will the impact of this technologies, their influence on air traffic and our society.


‘The controlled airspace starts at 2,000ft, so there’s quite a bit of unrestricted airspace below that — which, of course, can only be used by pilots currently, but the idea is to make flying as easy as driving a car and that’s what we’re looking at.’
Prof Heinrich Bülthoff, Max Plank Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen.


According to preliminary studies the team estimates that they could design an electric vehicle with counter-rotating rotor allowing a 20km pure electric range, we can also imagine that a range extender like the one fitted to the DA36 E-Star could be an interesting option ...

Let’s hope the MyCopter project will manage to make Mr. Moller’s dream come true...

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