Chevrolet reveals an electric Spark in India

With a name that was destined to be, GM has finally decided to make an electrified version of the Chevy Beat called Spark in Europe.

The electric city car has been revealed as part of the celebrations of the World Environment Day organized by the United Nations to be part of a demonstration program.

India is a country selected by Chevrolet for its great potential in electric vehicles but also because of its local industry and engineering.


The vehicle will be used to demonstrate the capabilites of electric propulsion and is based on a work with local engineers to make the technology more accessible. This technology demonstrator will also help GM improve its expertise on batteries, motors, recharge and electronics with a 100% electric vehicle.

The 45kW (61hp) electric motor is powered by a 270kg lithium ion battery with a capacity of 20kWh, it offers an estimated range of 130km, and is recharged in 8hours (240 V).

Via GM

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