2011 Paris Air Show: VoltAir the electric plane concept by EADS (VIDEO)

After the aviation in 2050, the hypersonic flights of 2021, here is the electric aircraft by EADS in 2031: 

VoltAir is a medium-haul aircraft with an all-electric propulsion system for silent and emission free flights.

"Research concept" it has been developed as part of projects ECO2avia initated by EADS, it is ulikey that it will lead  a commercial model but the research of the project could be used in other applications.

“VoltAir is an upstream research concept, not a near-term commercial approach”,  
“Our research is very forward-looking and could be beneficial in different applications.” 
Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer of EADS.

Despite the recent progress, the electric storage capacities are still far from the needs of aviation, but new technologies, including lithium air and lithium sulfur would make electric aviation possible.


According to EADS if we manage to double the current capacity within 20 years, such projects may emerge.

The batteries are placed in containers housed in the fuselage, designed to be removable, they would be exchanged at the airport just like the luggage containers.

The project also relies on next-generation electric motors with high energy density, they are based on HTS High Temperature Superconducting materials, cooling would be ensured by liquid nitrogen.

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