Joint venture between Honeywell and Safran to reduce consumption by 4% in commercial aviation

With electric green taxxiing, reactors will not be used during ground operations, instead, electric motors placed in the wheels should be fitted on new aircraft and retrofitted to those already in service by 2016.

This partnership builds on the complementary expertise of both companies allowing a quicker development of the technology:
-Honeywell's auxiliary power systems
-Safran in the field of landing gear systems.

Indeed, the electric motors that are placed in the landing gear are using the energy supplied by the auxiliary power unit (APU).

"The short-haul aircrafts consume about 5 million tons of fuel per year worldwide during their ground operations. The new system of electric green taxiing proposed by the joint venture Honeywell / Safran will allow airlines to reduce up to 4% their total fuel consumption, and significant reductions in emissions. "
"Today, the cost of fuel - and costs related to emissions - are one of the main concerns of each airline,"
Tim Mahoney, President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace

This technology not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions but also brings significant cost savings and thus increased operational performance.

Another green taxiing based on  hydrogen carburetor had already been developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) on the A320 Atra last March.

Via Honeywell / Safran

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