2011 Paris Air Show: ZEHST, the hypersonic aircraft by EADS (VIDEO)

Here is the ZEHST, a project of hypersonic plane that runs on biofuel and hydrogen. 

Eads_ZEHST_le_bourget_2011 (2).JPG

Designed by EADS, in cooperation with Japan, as part of a program funded by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of both countries (military applications such as UAV’s are also considered), it relies on three existing engines, each corresponding to a flight phase.
Eads_ZEHST_le_bourget_2011 (2).JPG

Phase 1 take off and up to 5000 meters 

Standard reactors (2 turbojets) operating with a fuel based on seaweed (biofuels 3.0) allow to reach Mach 0.8 

Phase 2, up to 23000 meters

Cryogenic engines fueled with hydrogen (3 rocket engines), take over.

Phase 3 Stratosphere and up to 32,000 meters

At this altitude, conventional fuels are not a threat for our atmosphere anymore, the Zehst can then reach Mach 4 thanks to 2 Ramjets

Is it for 2050? 
No, the first flights are announced for 2021, capacity 50 to 100 passengers, estimated flight times in Tokyo Paris or Los Angeles, 2h30... 

Note: We remind you that the second-generation biofuels including camelina-based can now officially be used in civil aviation without any engine modifications, see our article on the transatlantic flights of the Gulfstream G450 and the 747-8 Freighter.


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