TTXGP EURO: e-CRP and Brannetti take away the Silverstone opening stage

After taking the pole of the Qualifications for the first stage of the TTXGP European championship, Alessandro Brannetti on e-CRP 1.4 won the first race achieving the fastest lap in race (1:11.065), he finishes 20 seconds ahead of his team mate Alex Battistini.


Despite a slow start to save the battery in the first lap, Brannetti “pushed” the bike on the following laps...

Brannetti regretted that Muench Racing couldn’t compete (because of a critical battery failure that caused a fire on the bike in the qualifying session) to offer the battles they were used to...

David Hallet (team Agni) took the third place on the podium.

Awaiting for the video of the race with a detail on the bikes competing, here's a little teaser


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