(VIDEO) The FlyNano, development update

At its launch mid April at the 2011 Aero Show in Friedrichschafen, the release of the FlyNano was announced by its designer Aki Suokas for this summer. But the team faced a series of challenges and after the buzz, they decided to take the time to validate the development of FlyNano step by step, the first being the buoyancy of the craft.

The first tests in early May resulted in changes of the structure design to reduce its water resistance. As you will see in the video below the FlyNano is currently towed on the water, to check the properties of the structure, and this time, it floats, navigates and is even starting to take-off from 45kph...

The next stage is now testing with an engine, Aki Suokas said he was optimistic about the electric version (FlyNano E200) which may be available before the petrol version but no precise date has been revealed.

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