(VIDEO UPDATE) Gulfstream G450: the first transatlantic flight in a private plane with biofuel

Green like a G4 fuelled by Honeywell…

While Boeing also announces the first biofuel transatlantic flight with 747-8 Freighter we have selected the one of the Gulfstream G450 equipped by Honeywell.

Tonight, a Gulfstream G450 will take off from New Jersey towards Le Bourget with the Green Jet Fuel by Honeywell.


While the Boeing 747-8 will use a fuel mixing 15% of camelina and 85% of kerosene, the Green Jet Fuel is composed of 50% of camelina and 50% of kerosene.

This flight follows the initial approval by ASTM International for the use of biofuels based on natural oils, such as Green Jet Fuel Honeywell, for aviaiton and commercial flights. This biofuel is adapted to the technical requirements of the flights without any necessary modification of the aircraft or engine.

The business jet should take off from Morristown Municipal Airport located in Morristown, New Jersey at 9pm tonight, and will arrive at the airport of Paris-LeBourget about seven hours later, where the company will participate in the Paris Air Show.

Via Honeywell
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