Video and first images of the Twingo facelift (2012)

With a design that did not really convinced the fans of the funny “face” and round lines of the original Twingo, the Twingo 3, was not a huge success...


But Laurens van den Acker who chairs since 2009 at the destiny of Renault’s design has decided to make adjustments and proposes a design closer to the one that made the historical success of Renault’s city car, as the picture of the facelifted front end suggests.

Twingo_2012_facelift (2).jpg

The new Renault Twingo will be officially revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show on Septembre 13th.

The evolution of the Twingo 3 should be available by year end, for its electric version we will have to wait 2014 and the Twingo 4...

Via Renault

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