(VIDEO) Concept Plane by Airbus, commercial aviation in 2050

Airbus revealed its vision for the future of aviation in 2050.

The Concept Plane proposes the development of different cabin areas: customized for gaming, conference calls or as bar, a tech zone with holographic screens and finally a vitalisation area where travelers can admire the view through a translucent membrane! These zones provide a tailored flying experience.
The bionic structure of the aircraft, inspired directly from birds reinforces the fuselage while allowing the installation of transparent and intelligent walls.


These walls could thus control the air temperature, adjust the brightness while giving the passengers a panoramic view.

The Plane Concept also is a cabin Concpet with a built-in network that creates an intelligent interface between the passenger and the plane, like a neural network, that allows among other uses to identify and meet the passenger’s need, or customize the environment with morphing seats.

Via Airbus // Article by H. Le Flanchec
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