Hybrid race car : ORECA 01, the Hope Racing LMP1 at Le Mans

Built by Hope PoleVision Racing on an Oreca chassis, it is fitted with an hybrid technology developed by Flybrid (Flywheel and Hybrid) a kinetic energy recovery system (or KERS) as in the Porsche GT3 R Hybrid for example.


Roughly, it is a carbon disc that stores kinetic energy generated during braking to provide additional power it the acceleration phase, the technology was originally developed by Flybrid for Honda F1.

The Swisshytech 4 cylinder 2l engine, through the use of the KERS and a Garrett turbocharger, develops 520ch. The flywheel is placed between the engine and the gearbox (sequential paddle shift Trac X).


It is the first hybrid LMP1 Le Mans and the first hybrid vehicle from a private team involved in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

Via HopeRacing
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