(VIDEO) The Deltawing, the future of racing, number 56 at the 2012 Le Mans

We often speak of electric cars as the future of racing because we think we have seen and tried everything on the basis of internal combustion engines.

But the innovation capacity of engineers will always be surprising such as this ultra-efficient race-car concept, which should take the departure of Le Mans in 2012, proves it.

Indeed Le Mans each year, in addition to the event "Le Mans towards the Future" welcomes under the number 56 an innovative prototype that actually participates in the race (outside the classifications) enabling it to test its performance in real conditions.

The recipe of the Delta ing, to be built by Highcroft Racing, is relatively simple, everything is divided by two, except the performance:


- Half the weight (475kg)
- Aerodynamic drag divided by two (Cd 0,29)
- Half of the power (4 cylinder 1.6 liter turbo 300hp)
- In theory the car is easier to build therefore costs half the price.
- Fuel consumption divided by two (40l fuel tank)

In short a true race car with the footprint ...

An ambitious and exciting project that we follow very closely.

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