The first flying motorcycle coming soon?

You've always dreamed of owning a flying motorcycle like in Star Wars? This dream could become reality within a short time, indeed, Chris Malloy has made a prototype of flying motorcycle named Hoverbike.


The unidentified flying object, coming straight from Australia is now being tested, is based on a flat BMW twin-cylinder 1170cc engine. The machine is made out of carbon fiber and kevlar, its dimensions, 3m long and 1.3 m wide for a weight of 105kg. The maximum take-off load (including full tank) is 295kg. The 30l petrol tank allows a 150km range in theory, this distance can be doubled with an additional tank. On the handling level the machine has a motorcycle handlebar with the throttle on the right with the left manage the tilting of the Hoverbike like an helicopter.

 Hoverbike_Moto_Volante (2).png

Its performances: according to its creator the Hoverbike could reach a top speed of over 250kph with its 80kw (109ch) and a ceiling of 10,000 ft, over 3000meters! Its primary purpose is to replace the single-person helicopters widely used in Australia.
Hoverbike_Moto_Volante (3).png

Regarding the production and development, Chris Malloy hopes to start production within a year, and targets a price around € 30,000.

Article written by H. Le Flanchec

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