Cranfield University Tiltrotor aircraft, the V10 SparrowHawk

A few weeks before the opening of the Paris Air Show, we introduce you to the V10 SparrowHawk, a plane designed by Cranfield University with the help of engineers from MSC Aerospace Vehicle Design.


The SparrowHawk combines the advantages of an helicopter, vertical takeoff and top speed of 222kph, with aircraft features: 31.000 feet ceiling, 620kph top speed and loading capacity of 2.5 tons.

For this project the objectives were maximum efficiency and space optimization, therefore the tanks are placed in the wings with a specially designed structure.

Three architectures are envisioned, based on a RTM322 01/9A Rolls Royce engine

SparrowHawk variants.jpg

Because of the aircraft requirements and given the actual technologies an electric propulsion couldn’t be fitted now, nonetheless two alternative solution were studied, fuel cell and turboelectric.

From the two the Turboelectric was the most adapted solution, in this configuration the energy generated by the Rolls Royce RTM322 Turboshaft is sent to generators which convert it into electricity, the electrical system  (cables, controllers and motors) is cooled through liquid hydrogen.

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