(VIDEO) Lit Motors’s foldable electric utility scooter

After a first prototype presented at the end of last year in San Francisco at the West Coast Green show, here's more details on the LitScooter, first model of Lit Motors,  a company based in San Francisco and co-founded by Daniel Kim.

Intended primarily for emerging countries the Lit Scooter is an utility electric scooter that can carry up to 136kg (300pounds) in its central section, designed to be able to place boxes and "bulky items"...


The scooter is fitted with a in hub electric motor located in the rear wheel, a single arm suspension in the front and a lithium polymer battery placed in the frame, despite its “industrial” look the scooter is functional.

An innovative and practical concept that could become delivery company’s best friend.

The website does not give technical details but we know that this electric scooter, also known as Cargo scooter in its current version can reach speeds up to 55kph and has a range of 64km.

Two versions will be available, with prices varying depending on the country, a classic model and a folding model, the flagship, (folded its footprint is reduced by 50%) prices estimates are between $500 to $ 800 in Asia and $2000 to $ 4000 in the U.S.

The start-up is also developing a new prototype called the C-1 an electric two-wheeler similar to the Zerotracer that they will market as the iPhone of the electric mobility, it should be revealed within two years.
A first round of 10 Cargo scooter is being produced before the arrival of larger volumes and thus availability in the US and Asia within 6 months.

For more information, here is an interview of Daniel Kim and a video showing the LitScooter in daily use.

Via LitMotors/GigaOM

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