(VIDEO) Arrival of Mercedes’s F-Cell World Drive

The F-Cell World Drive is a world tour with hydrogen vehicles inititated by Mercedes initiated in partnership with Linde to demonstrate that the technology of the B Class powered by fuel cell was reliable but also to focus on the almost unexistent infrastructure, and to encourage its development, there are only 200 stations around the world ...
Therefore this world required the creation of a mobile refueling unit.

The cars came back today, as planned, after traveling over 30,000 km since the beginning of the adventure from Stuttgart on January 30th, through 14 countries and 4 continents.

Throughout the journey, only one accident happened in Kazakhstan (May 16th article) after a fixing of the rear axle in a local Mercedes dealer, the car was finally able to resume its journey.

The B Class F-Cell in details

In 2010, 200 units of B Class F-Ceel have been sold in Europe and in the United States.

About the safety:
“In the event of a crash, safety valves close the hydrogen supply lines to the fuel cell and decouple the tanks from the other system components. Even after a serious accident, the hydrogen poses no risk whatsoever. If a fire leads to excessive heat, a temperature-controlled value vents the tank contents in a controlled manner.

During an accident, the high-voltage system is completely switched off within fractions of a second, the system is continuously monitored for short circuits.

The high level of safety means Mercedes-Benz fuel cell vehicles can use underground car parks, multi-storey car parks or tunnels with no restrictions whatsoever.”

Via Mercedes

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