Electric aircraft: first flight of the eGenius

The eGenius is this two-seater electric aircraft developed by the University of Stuttgart and funded by Airbus that we discovered at the exhibition Aero2011 in Friedrichschafen.

Its 20 minutes maiden flight, intended to verify the performances and maneuverability of the aircraft, took place last week in Mindelheim, Germany.


The project’s objective is to reach the maximum efficiency:
-Carbon fiber strucuture (CFRP)
-The propeller positioned at the rear of the aircraft offers 15 to 20% more efficiency
-With its 16.86 meters wingspan the eGenius is equipped with an electric motor developing 81.5 hp, maximum takeoff weight is 850kg.

Result: range of 400 km, top speed of 235kph with a power consumption of only 4.75 kWh per 100km and per passenger.

This technology demonstrator is used to get a feedback on electric propulsion in aviation and its long term potential.

Next milestone The NASA/CAFE Green Flight Challenge in July in the U.S. where further testing will be conducted.

Source Airbus/University Stuttgart

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