Urban Mobility by Mason Pfau, a highly desirable foldable electric scooter concept

Electric propulsion and challenge of the industry has pushed designers to reinvent the modes of transport, they must meet new expectations and solve problems related to their operating mode.

From our point of view the essential features for an ideal electric two-wheeler are : small footprint and removable battery, to be able to recharge at home.


Mason Pfau, industrial designer has identified these needs and has transfered in a stylish concept.


The engines are placed in the wheels, each developing 1kW, they are powered by a battery (removable) and supercapacitors which optimize the energy recovery provided by the regenerative braking. When its battery is removed, it can be folded easily to fit in a trunk.


In charging phase, the battery connects to the Wi-Fi (if available) to inform you, through an application, of its state of charge.


Minimalist design, high-tech and functional, this concept allows us to dream about the vehicles that will be available within a few years.

The projected specs are a 2kW (2.7 hp) output, 42kg in total including 15kg from the battery, the maximum speed is between 55 and 65kph

This concept remind us of the French foldable electric scooter the Xor
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