(VIDEO) Onboard the PC Aero Electra One

We announced the maiden flight of the PC Aero Electra One on the 2011 Aero Fredrichshafen, here is now an onboard video of the flight which took place on March 19th on Augsburg’s airport.

The first prototype of the Electra One was presented at the Friedrichshafen exhibition in 2010, we have been following their development sinc.

The inaugural flight is the opportunity to validate the specifications of the aircraft, perform the first tests, and admire the pilot's landing on one wheel (the prototype does not yet have the final undercarriage).

The prototype was optimized to reach speeds of 160kph with a range of 400km or 4 hours.

The Electra One is sold in a sustainable logic, with its solar hangar (designed by Solar World GmbH) to be completely autonomous, for a total cost of 100,000 €.

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