Scarpar E-PSB, the electric all terrain Skateboard

Introducing a new entrant in the Non Identified Vehicle (NIV) in the database, the Scarpar E-PSB, a powerful all-terrain skateboard fitted with tracks.

While the first video has been released in early 2009, thanks to the enthusiasm of the public, the company was formed two years ago and has professionalized the vehicle and developed its technology including a new design and a wireless controller (transmitting on a frequency of 2.4 GHz) used for acceleration and braking.

Scarpar_E-PSB (3).jpg

Last week the company opened the reservations, two models are available:
The first deliveries will arrive later this year

There is still no video of the new models but there is already an official tester Darren Powell (who had already tested the first prototype, see video below) speed recordman in snowboarding with more than 200kph.

Here are his comments about the new version:
"The power of the prototype gained my instant respect though. It was a massive surprise"

The Scarpar E-PSB has no electric powered equivalent but a relatively similar gasoline powered one, the DTV Shredder

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