e-Cygnet: Aston Martin’s electric "merchandising"

We announced it already on September 2nd but the news has been confirmed recently.

You probably already know the Cygnet (whose configurator has been launched this week), a micro Aston Martin based on the Toyota iQ with an 1.3l 98hp engine emitting 116g/km with the 6 speed manual gearbox, but this week we got the confirmation of its electric version.

The first electric Aston, and will be developed from the iQ EV unveiled at Geneva this year, a concept that will go into production in 2012 while the Cygnet Electric will be released in 2013. 

More than an urban alternative for the brand’s customers, the Cygnet will reduce the average emissions of the manufacturer and even more in its electric version (Aston plans to sell 1500 vehicles annually).
Moreover, compared to the cost of creating and building a new model, here, the task is simpler and relies primarily on details and high quality interior features, a knowledge that the brand  no longer has to demonstrate, and therefore provides a significant margin 

The e-Cygnet should offer the same specs as the iQ Concept EV 

For the price, nothing emerged yet but the Cygnet is priced at 35000€ and the one of the iQ EV hasn’t been revealed.

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