Chip Yates and its Electric Superbike


Chip Yates, half rider half engineer gave up racing in the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) soon after turning pro as he missed the fun and challenge of engineering.

The bike’s development started in January 2010 with no outside funding and no full-time employee, just a few sponsors. Chip Yates personally invested around 100.000$ in the program. The goal is to push technology forward developing a 194 hp bike.

Since August 2010, the bike is ready to race except for batteries, with its patent pending KERS system, MoteC ECU and Manzanita battery charging system. The approximate cost of the battery needed is 30.000 to 40.000$. A sponsorship is underway and the finished bike should be presented at the battery show in San Jose, California.

We will keep you posted.

Source : Chip Yates

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