TTXGP North America: First race of the year at Infineon goes to Brammo

Due to the weather, the first race of the 2011 North American TTXGP Championship took place yesterday.

Steve Atlas, driving the Brammo Empulse RR took the first place and got really close the the track record (with an electric motorcycle) held by Shawn Higbee since last year with 1:56.948, Steve’s time is 1:57.875.

Brammo_Empulse_RR (2).jpg

Two separate categories of motorcycles are battling for the tittle, the classic TTXGP series and the TTX75 with a battery pack capacity limited to 7.5 kWh. This series serves as a platform for testing and developing series production vehicles (for commuters), less exclusive than the high performance bikes of the TTXGP category.

The next stage on the North American TTXGP quicks off on June 17th in New Hampshire.
European series begins next month at Silverstone

Awaiting the video of the event, here are those of the Brammo Empulse RR tested at the track.

Via TTXGP/Brammo

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