Amp delivers its first electric Mercedes ML to Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the Icelandic company already known for signing on agreement statement for 150 Liberty Electric E-Range (27€M).

Following another agreement signed with the US company AMP Vehicles on April 14th,  the conversion specialist delivered the first AMP Mercedes ML 350 EV today before larger volumes arrive by September.


The agreement represents a1000 potentail vehicle sales, the SUV represents 35% of the sales of new vehicles in Iceland.

Here are the characteristics of the electric ML by Amp
-100 miles per charge (161km) accommodates 5 people
-Max speed of 100mph (161kph)
-0 to100kph takes less than 10 seconds
-Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack
-The full charge takes about 6 hours on the 220V
-Power: 120kW (163hp) continuous and 164kW (221ch) in peak

Northern Lights has launched a program that brings together 50 companies and local authorities such as the Ministry of Environment. Iceland’s electricity is either hydroelectric or coming from abundant geothermal resources making electricity much cheaper than gasoline ...
Par Technologic Vehicles
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