(VIDEO) Tim Coronel joining the 2012 Dakar with a Mc Rae 4x2 electric buggy

A few days after the visit of the Dakar World Tour in the Netherlands in Eindhoven, an Anglo-Dutch team announced its participation.
The Dakar is well known to be a human and mechanical challenge, but it gradually becomes a technological challenge with more eco-friendly vehicles.

After the OSCar eo (Hybrid SUV with range extender) presented on April 14th another team will try to end finish the Dakar 2012 with an electric vehicle ProDakar Mc Rae and Tim Coronel, will bring an electric buggy!


This team has already participated (and finished) the Dakar twice with a relatively clean buggy equipped with a 3 cylinder 4-stroke snowmobile engine developping 140hp and132Nm of torque for a weight of 650kg.

The 2012 chlallenge follows the same path, the team is collaborating with the Delft University of Technology (to whom we owe the electric Superbus)

Challenges to face:
-How to maximize battery life: 3 driving modes eco, standard and "full attack"
-Recharging: fast charge up to 90% on the 400V in 15 to 30 minutes
-Optimized aerodynamics
-Regenerative shock absorbers converting kinetic energy into electricity

Technical elements of the electric buggy ProDakar / Mc Rae electric buggy:
-54 kWh Battery pack
-Torque limited to 120Nm
-200kW of power, 270hp!

The Dakar 2012 will take place from January 1 to 16 in Peru with 9000km to go.

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