(VIDEO) Volta EV1 the Spanish electric motorbike

Designed by Anima and the IED in Barcelona, the Volta EV1 is the first product of Volta Motorbikes, a company founded by Marc Barceló.


This prototype is a masterstroke in terms of style with its Stunt Bike look.

More than a design, the Volta is a sustainable proposal to meet the challenges of urban mobility and even manages to welcome an helmet in a specific compartment, located where the fuel tank used to be in the ICE bikes.

The Volta EV1 will be offered with two engines, the first, similar to a 125cc with a power of 15hp featuring a range of 70km for a maximum speed of 110km / h and a second developing 38hp for a range of 50-60km.

VoltaMotorbikes_VoltaEV1_IED (2).jpg

The prices haven’t been disclosed but according to the founders of the company they should be similar to the ones of a gasoline motorbike!!

VoltaMotorbikes_VoltaEV1 (2).jpg

Production should begin in 2012 after the reveal of the official production version at the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA) this year.

Via Volta Motorbikes/IED

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