Pipistrel develops a 2+2 electric UFO, the Taurus G4

After the Taurus Electro G2 and the project Panthera, Pipistrel is determined to make some noise with their electric aircraft.
Their latest prototype, which required two years of preparation and development; thePipistrel Taurus G4 is out of the brand’s Slovenian warehouses.


Literally the addition of two Pipistrel G2 (self-launched gliders) the G4 takes its inspiration from the Twin Mustang and the White Knight Two. It welcomes four passengers seated in pairs in two different cockpits, motor and batteries are placed in the central part of the plane.


First 4 seater electric aircraft, this technology demonstrator with a 21,4m wingspan will be presented at the NASA Green Flight Challenge from July 11th to 17th at Sonoma County’s Airport

Before further testing in July here are its preliminary characteristics:
-A 145kW (197ch) brushless-motor 
-1065kg (including the 470kg of the battery pack), and maximum takeoff weight of 1500kg allowing 435kg for passengers.


The Taurus G4 will be used to test components that will be fitted in the hybrid and electric versions of the Panthera.

Via Pipistrel

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