The Fiat 500 TwinAir becomes exclusive

Aesthetic and refined, the TwinAir is from now on, more than an original engine, it is a special edition.

Fiat500_TwinAir (4).jpg

Recognizable and elegant the TwinAir features specific elements to better reach a urban target: a blue paint, chrome inserts, satin seats, black alloy rims.

Fiat500_TwinAir (3).jpgFiat500_TwinAir (6).jpgFiat500_TwinAir.jpg
Quick facts :

85hp and 145Nm of torque
Maximum speed of 173kph
0 to 100kph in 11 seconds
Start & Stop
Consumption 4,1l/100
ECO mode which limits the torque 100Nm
Emissions of 92g and 95g with the Dualogic gearbox

Available from € 12,900
Two trim levels TwinAir and TwinAir Plus

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