Battle between Lightning Motors and MotoCzysz


This week on the Bonneville salt flats, MotoCzysz and Lightning Motors are battling to win the title of "Fastest Production Electric Motorcycle in the World".
The Lightning Motors team took the lead breaking last year’s record set by Mission Motors on their first run at 162 mph, then at 166 mph, and finally at 176 mph (283,25 km/h) for 173 mph in average while MotoCzysz didn’t manage more than 163mph (262,32 km/h).

Lightning Motors as the TTXGP North America series winner, and MotoCzysz as the FIM e-Power and TT Zero winner, are the two top electric motorcycles in the world today. They last raced against each other at the FIM e-Power race at Laguna Seca where MotoCzysz beat Lightning Motors by a nose.
Lightning hopes go commercial with its products next year, and will offer a bevy of electric vehicles that include an electric sportbike, ATV, and scooter.

As bonus we offer you an on board video with the Lightning

Source : Asphaltandrubber

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