(VIDEO) Brammo Engage an electric motocross with six gears

The Californian company Brammo which began selling electric bikes with the Enertia  an urban model, then developed the breathtaking Empulse, directly derived from the race (TTXGP) has now just revealed a new prototype.

Most of the electric motorcycle brands like Zero Motorcycles and Quantya started with motocross, which was still missing in Brammo’s range...

Once again, Brammo decided to take a different route and set the bar even higher by fitting a Mechatronic gearbox (IET transmission) developed by SMRE Engineering. It is operated with a clutch and a gear lever just like in a conventional internal combustion motorcyle.


More than one bike, Engage is Brammo's new range of products with the Engage MX (motocross) the Engage SMR (Super Moto Racing) priced at $ 9.995 in the U.S. and the Engage SMS (Super Moto Street) priced at $ 11,995.


A version for children, the Encite MMX Pro will also be available when the bikes hit the market next year.
Their detailed specs aren’t available yet but we will post them as soon as Brammo releases them.

Via Brammo
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