New York City’s new taxi is the Nissan NV200

After more than two years of study and months of public surveys, to target the needs of consumers, here is the winner of the "Taxi of Tomorrow” challenge for the city of New York City. 

The final decision belonged to New York City Taxi and Limousine Commision (TLC) and was revealed today.

The Nissan NV200, New York City Taxi will be put into service from 2013. 
The City of New York represents 13,000 taxis and 500 million miles per year. 

Nissan_NV200_NYC_Taxi (2).jpg

The Nissan NV200 will be produced in Cuernavaca, Mexico plant, for an estimated retail price of around $ 29,000, it is fitted with a 2l four cylinder engine, far from the 4.6l V8 of the Crown Victoria currently used. 

Nissan_NV200_NYC_Taxi (3).jpg

Within the framework of this program Nissan will also launch a test with zero-emission vehicles. 

 “The city’s Taxi of Tomorrow is the Nissan NV 200 – and it’s going to be the safest, most comfortable and most convenient cab the city has ever had,” said Mayor Bloomberg. 
“We started this process to leverage our taxi industry’s purchasing power to get the highest quality taxi, one that that can expand and redefine the legendary image of New York City taxicabs. The new taxis will be custom-designed to meet the specific demands of carrying 600,000 passengers a day in New York City traffic and the vehicle meets the top priorities identified by the public in our on-line survey.”
UPDATE: for the video click here

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