Ecco by Nau the high-tech mobile-home

This year VW gave a second birth to the Combi (Bulli) at the Geneva show, a modern reinterpretation of the mythical hippie generation van.

But the designers from Nau saw further with the van or mobile home of the 2.0 generation, a concept called Ecco.

Ecco is electric, its exterior is harmonious, made from glass and aluminum.

Nau_Ecco_Concept (3).jpg

Compared to a VW Camper, the Ecco concept is 27cm shorter and 60cm larger

Nau_Ecco_Concept (5).jpg

In living mode, it can turn into a home with an accordion roof and a high "ceiling", photovoltaic cells placed on the roof allow to be autonomous when the vehicle isn't moving.

Nau_Ecco_Concept (2).jpg

This futuristic vehicle clearly makes anyone a little more adventurous, that was the objective of the designers, give a new meaning to the word freedom in mobility.

Nau_Ecco_Concept (6).jpg

Compact and aerodynamic Ecco optimizes the space available, in driving mode this high-tech cocoon welcomes 4 passengers.

Via Nau

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