Daimler doesn’t like being copied (Wheego LiFe)

The Wheego is a small two-seater electric car developed in the U.S., it reaches 105kph and has a 160km range. The first U.S. deliveries took place last week. 

But the first EU model had a rather cold welcome, being destroyed by the German customs from Bremerhaven (like any counterfeit product) at Daimler’s request.

The Wheego Life, previously called Wheego Whip is an electrified version of an already well-known Chinese model, following a request initiated by Daimler for violation of industrial property, the Shuanghuan Noble, was approved last January for Europe but only in its gasoline version and that is all the nuance... 

Once converted by Wheego it no longer responds to the agreement between Daimler and the Chinese manufacturer. Thus the LiFe never should have touched the European soil but an unfortunate private customer took the chance of importing the car... 

Find the Wheego Life specs here ($32,995 US pirce or €22,158 at today’s rate) 

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