A new 4 seater electric plane for Pipistrel, the Panthera

Pipistrel, the Slovenian company already known for its lightweight aircrafts, and its electric powertrains such as in the Taurus G2, has revealed a new model, the Panthera that will be offered with three engines, petrol (Lycoming IO-390), hybrid and electric.

Pipistrel_Panthera (2).jpg

In short, the hybrid version equipped with a 145kW electric motor and a range extender allows a cruising speed of 263kph for a range of 1220km, while the electric version, equipped with the same 145kW electric motor allows an autonomy of 400km at a cruising speed of 218km / h.

Pipistrel_Panthera (4).jpg

Find their technical data below:

The petrol version will be available at $ 295,000 from next year but the hybrid and electric versions, will cost a little more and won’t be available before 2013.

Via Pipistrel

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