(VIDEO) TiGr seeking funds to develop a lightweight titanium bike lock

Here's your chance to discover KickStart, a website that allows to submit projects and find funding.

The project that we present is the one of Bob and John Loughlin:
“Inventors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Lock Enthusiasts, Bike Riders”

The project is an elegant but also very strong and light lock, a great innovation that would makes cyclist’s life more pleasant...

TiGr_BikeLock (4).jpg

The TiGr bike lock weighs between 400 and 670g depending on the thickness chosen (1.9 or 3.4 cm) or the material used for the lock body (titanium or stainless steel) and allows to attach both wheels to the frame and to a pole in a small footprint.


There is 34 days remaining for the Loughlin’s father and son to collect the amount of $ 37,500 required to get this lock to production phase. 40 people have already invested in the project for a total of $ 6,124 or 16% of the total.

The thickest version of the lock survived the attack of a 1,20m bolt cutter...

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