Aquawatt's range (electric boats, inboard and outboard engines)

Aquawatt is an Austrian company with products ranging from the simple electric engine, to the electric motorboat, and solar catamarans.

Next month, Aquawatt is launching a new performant electric outboard engine called Green Racing, big brother of Green Power which is already available in 10 or 13kW versions (13.5 and 18hp) from € 6490. The GreenRacing, offers a power of 30hp, the Aquawatt engines weight between 57 and 67kg.


Aquawatt’s range is listed in our data base, with electric boats reaching speeds Aquawatt 15 and 22 knots respectively, the 717 Sport Classic and 848 Twin Carbon.

Megawatt_717_Sport_Classic (2).jpgMegawatt_848_Twin_Carbon (2).jpg

These boats are very light thanks to their carbon fiber and vinylester conception.

And for their range of solar&hybrid catamarans here is a link to their site.


Via Aquawatt

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