Amarok P1 the Wolf of race electric motorcycles

After the Sora by Lito Green Motion, Canada seems determined not to miss the revolution towards a mobility 2.0. 

The two founders of Amarok Racing: Kevin O'Neil and Michael Uhlarik had a simple philosophy to create this electric motorcycle "Less is more." 


They started from 0 instead of using an existing platform and convert it to electric, many components have been developed specifically for the motorcycle.
Light and agile, this is the very innovative Amarok P1, the Wolf is searching efficiency and performances where it is most effective, the weight (148kg), to be a serious competitor in the 2011 TTXGP. 
Are integrated into the same structure, chassis, battery and the body.

The front fork and swingarm are attached to the battery, which contributes to the rigidity of the structure while limiting the number of parts and provides an ideal weight distribution. The electric motor is placed under the seat. 
Amarok_Racing_P1 (2).jpg
Lightness allows less energy consumption which means smaller  battery pack (7.5 kWh) for a motorcycle with improved speed and handling. 

Performances: Amarok P1 has a 75hp engine and reaches a top speed of 200kph.

Via Amarok

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