(VIDEO) Spirra turns to electric vehicles with a three wheeler and a sports car

The Shanghai Auto Show (closing its doors on Thursday) gives an opportunity to have a look to the Asian electrical mobility market, a Korean manufacturer with innovative and attractive products stands out.

Oulim, who developed the Spirra (a sports car equipped with a V6 gasoline engine and a range of four models with power ratings from 175 to 500hp) revealed two vehicles last year a four and three wheeler:

Spirra_EV_Oulim_Motors.jpgSpirra_elbic_Oulim (2).jpg

-The Spirra EV an electric sports-car under development only few details have filtered including a maximum speed of 200km / h, a range of about 200km, and enough power to do that...

We appreciate the craftsmanship, attention paid to the detail worth a German production and a design that is not a copy but an original.

-The Elbic, a tilting electric-assisted “seated bicycle”, that can drive you up to 20kph and for 20km


Via Elbic/Spirra

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